Can Tho University, Vietnam

Can Tho University, Vietnam





Can Tho University (CTU), an important state higher education institution in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. Since its founding in 1966, CTU has been improving and developing itself with over 2.000 staff members. It has an enrollment of about 54.000 undergraduate students; 3.000 students have been following Master programs; and around 300 students are Ph.D candidates. From a university with a few fields of study at the beginning, it has developed into a multidisciplinary university. Every year CTU receives students on internship programs from the US, Belgium, Japan and so on, or under agreements between their universities and CTU.

CTU’s main missions are training, conducting scientific research, and transferring technology to serve the regional and national socio-economic development. In addition to its training responsibilities, CTU has actively taken part in scientific research projects, applying the advances in scientific and technological knowledge to solving problems related to science, technology, economics, culture and society in the region.

The University has established scientific and technological cooperation with many international organizations, universities, and research institutes. As a result of these cooperative projects, the staff’s administrative capabilities and specializations have been upgraded. The facilities, experimental equipment, and scientific materials have also been added.


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