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Students to the University of Groningen

The application call for an exchange to the University of Groningen during the second semester 2019-2020 is closed.


Click here to apply for Erasmus+ ICM (incoming students)


Incoming students are eligible to apply for an ICM scholarship if:

  • you are registered as a full-time student in one of the partner universities and will have finished the first year of your study programme by the time you start your exchange.
  • your subject area is available at the host university. Contact the international office (Erasmus+ coordinator) at your home university to find out whether or not your field of study is incorporated in the Erasmus+ ICM agreement.
  • you are nominated by your home university. Your home University is responsible for the nomination of its students for a mobility period abroad. In order to apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship, you need a nomination letter from your home University and this letter needs to be uploaded with your online application.
  • you meet the language requirements. All UG faculties demand official language test results from student applicants. This test can be TOEFL or IELTS or (in some cases) test from the British Council. To make sure, please check with your prospective host faculty: admissions requirements for exchange at the University of Groningen. Note that some partners have made special arrangements regarding the language requirements; always make sure to follow the instructions from the exchange office at the University of Groningen faculty.

We will evaluate all valid applications. If we receive more applicants than available places/scholarships, we will discuss with all parties involved which applicant(s) will be selected.


In all cases, contact your International Office before you start your application. Your International Office has detailed information on the levels of exchange and subject areas for which an application can be submitted. The availability of scholarships per level varies per participating country and university.


Please be aware that you can only apply to participate in an exchange at the University of Groningen and not to any of the other partners mentioned on the website.


Students from the University of Groningen

The Erasmus+ ICM application call for outbound students is closed. A new application call for an exchange of RUG students to an ICM partner during the first semester 2020-2021 will open in December 2019 (application deadline January 31st 2020).

If you want to apply for an Erasmus+ ICM scholarship, you should contact your faculty exchange office first. Note that there are only a few scholarships available for outbound ICM students.


Make sure to add the correct language test to your application. Follow the instructions from your RUG faculty or check the factsheet of the host institution online: click here


During the application process you should upload a nomination letter (approval email in pdf is sufficient) from your RUG exchange office in which they agree with your Erasmus+ ICM application. After you have submitted the application, your Erasmus nomination letter will be made by the Erasmus+ institutional coordinator. If you will be nominated for the ICM scholarship, the Mobility & Scholarship Desk will add your Erasmus nomination letter to your application.


Fill in this online form to apply for Erasmus+ ICM: APPLY FOR ERASMUS+ ICM


Contact the Mobility & Scholarship Desk if you have any questions.